Answers to Frequently-Asked Questions

Where can I buy your music and shirts?

Exclusively in our secure shop:

I live in Antarctica -- Do you ship to Antarctica?

We ship worldwide via first class airmail at no charge (that is, free). If you live in Antarctica, I suggest doubling-up on our t-shirts.

When are you lads coming to my [town/city/country]?

The Lad doesn't tour.

If you don't tour, how do you make money?

Through direct sales of CDs, shirts, and posters.

But I thought nobody is buying CDs, shirts, and posters anymore.

We thrive on the exceptions to that trend.

Why didn't you reply to the message I sent you on MySpace?

I'm unable to keep up with the volume of mail (and spam) I receive through MySpace mail, so the best way to get an important message through is via our contact form.

Are you lonely?

Lonely London Lad is the name of the band.

Will your music be available on iTunes?

No. I actually wrote a manifesto about this very topic.

When is your second album coming out?

January 11, 2010 -- So it's out now!

When is your third album coming out?

Late 2010, though don't hold me to that estimate.

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