Lonely London Lad's Music Video DVD


20 broadcast-quality LLL music videos on one DVD! Includes the "big hits" plus the rarities and oddities very few have seen. These are the best of dozens of music videos I have made for LLL (it's hard to believe I have made that many). It's the perfect complement to our CDs.

Includes the following music videos:

(Total playing time: 120 minutes, which is 2 hours)

  1. Buffalo Jump
  2. Dick And Jane
  3. Drop Dead Lizzie
  4. John Wayne
  5. Another Planet
  6. Paper Lilies
  7. Brighton Beach
  8. Madness
  9. Candyman
  10. Lolo
  11. Macbeth
  12. Mesmerized
  13. Pere Lachaise
  14. Toi
  15. Robot
  16. My Sorrow
  17. Celebrity
  18. Beyond Mercury
  19. Sunday Morning
  20. The Love
  21. Foaming At The Mouth
  22. SPQR

Here is one of the videos featured on the DVD:

How to Buy:

The music video DVD comes as a FREE gift when you purchase the Mega Pack in our Shop. Otherwise, it costs just $19.95, which includes free shipping worldwide.